Let's face it:  money is an uncomfortable subject for many of us, and the bigger the financial need, the more uncomfortable it can become.  At Prosperity Financial, we work with our clients to lessen the discomfort of financial planning.  By engaging and informing our clients and giving them ongoing guidance, together we focus on prospering throughout the key financial planning milestones in their lives.

Financial Clarity

Few people get every financial decision right in their lives. And with this 'new economy', most citizens are faced with a challenging financial future. But more often than not, there are great options and choices available on the road ahead, and Prosperity Financial is your partner in identifying those choices, and turning an uncertain future vision into a plan for prosperity in your retirement.

This first step is to obtain clarity. From there, we work together to make good choices.

Financial Health

“Strategies to protect and grow your money risk free”

“The game of retirement is won by protection”. Learn the strategies to protect and grow your money in the most tax advantageous risk free manner. We look at your retirement differently.

College Funding

Seeing your child receive his/her high school diploma is often one of the most gratifying experiences a parent can have, but we know it does not always stop there.  If your son or daughter is planning on going to college, preparing to fund tuition, room and board, and other accommodations can be an overwhelming process.  At Prosperity Financial, we work with families to help send their child to the college of their choice without sacrificing life savings or current lifestyle. 

Learn more at one of our College Funding Workshops!

Retirement Planning

One of the most difficult decisions a person can make is when to comfortably retire. Prosperity Financial is here to lend a helping hand in putting together a comprehensive strategy for achieving your retirement goals and understanding when to activate your benefits to maximize the value to both you and your family.  

Learn more at one of our Retirement Planning Workshops!

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